My Pet Aquariums & Fishponds Test Kit – (YOU TEST AT-HOME) – Basic


With over 150 years of collective expertise in water testing, our team of scientists have meticulously curated a standard group of parameters that should be tested in most aquariums and fishponds. Our My Pet® Aquarium and Fishpond Basic Test Kit is great for testing indoors or outdoors. It’s designed to detect conventional and unconventional water quality matrices, making it ideal for freshwater and saltwater habitats.

In aquatic pet care, maintaining optimal water quality is paramount to the health and longevity of your beloved fish and plants. Fluctuations in water parameters can have adverse effects, so regular testing is crucial. The Basic Testing Package for the best aquarium water test kit from Safe Home® offers a comprehensive solution, encompassing seven different parameters and a total of 175 tests.
Here’s what the My Pet Aquariums & Fishponds Test Kit – Basic includes:
Total Chlorine (x 25 tests): Monitor the total Chlorine levels in your aquarium or fishpond to ensure it remains within safe and comfortable limits for your aquatic pets.
Nitrate (x 25 tests): Nitrate is a key parameter that impacts water quality and aquatic life. Regular testing helps you keep it in check.
pH (x 25 tests): Maintain a stable pH level to provide your aquatic pets with a comfortable and stress-free environment.
Nitrite (x 25 tests): Like nitrate, nitrite can be harmful in high concentrations—test for nitrite to prevent issues and ensure a healthy habitat.
Hardness (x 25 tests): Assess water hardness to understand its mineral content and ensure it aligns with the specific needs of your aquatic pets.
Carbonate (x 25 tests): Carbonate levels influence water chemistry and the health of your aquatic ecosystem. Monitoring it is essential.
Alkalinity (x 25 tests): Alkalinity testing is critical to maintaining water stability and preventing drastic pH fluctuations.
With the Safe Home’s My Pet Aquariums & Fishponds Test Kit – Basic, you can take control of your aquatic pet’s environment. Regular monitoring allows you to make informed adjustments, ensuring their safety and well-being. Trust our fishpond water testing kits for accurate, easy, and efficient testing so you can enjoy the beauty and serenity of your aquarium or fishpond with peace of mind.

Test Results: Expect your test results in seconds.

  • BASIC Testing Package for 7 Different Parameters 175 TOTAL TESTS:
  • Total Chlorine x 25 tests
  • Nitrate x 25 tests
  • pH x 25 tests
  • Nitrite x 25 tests
  • Hardness x 25 tests
  • Carbonate x 25 tests
  • Alkalinity x 25 tests
Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm

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